Premium tile roofing in Denver

Tile Roofs in Denver

Tile is a great roofing option, as it is extremely durable and long lasting. The biggest appeal for tile roofing, however, is its beauty. Tile roofs are made of the finest materials providing an elegant and opulent look to your home.

While tile may be a bit more difficult to install, the professionals at Mountaintop Roofing & Solar located in Denver, Colorado, leverage plenty of experience. The contracting team’s training and tools are superior to all other roofers in the area, and that is why Mountaintop Roofing & Solar is the number one choice for tile roof installation and repair.

Clay Roofing

Clay tile is made from baking molded clay in a kiln. One of the biggest benefits clay tile roofing provides is its lifespan of over 100 years. You don’t have to worry about rotting or insect damage and clay tiles are also fire resistant. To top it off, clay tile roofing offers superior insulating properties helping to keep your building warm in winter and cool during the summer.

Another benefit of clay tile roofing is its stunning aesthetics. They typically convey an old world Spanish or Southwestern style and matches perfectly with brick or stone siding. This heavy tile can be a bit pricey and takes time to install, however, if you are going for a very specific European look, clay tiles are your best bet.

Concrete Tile

A much more affordable tile option is concrete. It’s malleable and easily shaped, mimicking many other roofing materials. Needing little maintenance after installation, concrete tile provides a long lifespan of 40 years or more.

Concrete tile offers unmatched roof protection against high winds and the weight of heavy snow as is often an occurrence in the Denver Area. Additionally, concrete tile roofing offers excellent insulate qualities during the cold winter months and throughout the hot Denver summers. Affordable, versatile and energy efficient, concrete tile is a great option.

Talk to a professional contractor at Mountaintop Roofing & Solar to make sure your roof can accommodate the load of concrete tile. If not, the team can help reinforce your roof before installing this option.

Slate Tile

Slate is the most popular tile option. It’s a natural stone roofing material available in an assortment of colors and shapes. It’s one of the most beautiful of all roofing materials and is often used in historic homes. One of the best aspects of slate tile roofing is the varied options it provides. Not only are there multiple colors to choose from but different textures as well.

Though expensive, primarily because each tile can weigh up to 100 pounds, it provides unmatched durability. Slate is extremely strong, waterproof, and has a lifespan of up to 200 years.

Make sure not to paint your slate or use any sort of sealants. Chemicals can prematurely break down the integrity of the slate tiles. Though it requires extra roof support and specialized installation, this roofing tile will enhance the look of your building.

Lasts a lifetime

Most of the time, a tile roof option will last close to a lifetime. On the other hand, shingle roofing will need to be replaced at least two or three times.

Adds value to your home

Because tile roofing is long lasting and provides excellent aesthetics, it adds value to your home. Tiles cost a bit more to install than shingles, but the initial investment usually pays for itself when it comes to resale home value.

Unmatched protection

For the safety of your roof and home, tile provides unmatched protection, including:

Ecologically friendly

Tile helps keep your utility costs low, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Because Denver has four distinct seasons and extremes in temperatures, it makes this option a great choice for your Denver area home.

Tile roof options are also found abundantly in nature. There is no need to worry about depleting the Earth’s scarce natural resources.

Tile has a lot to offer a building from durability to pure beauty. Mountaintop roofing & Solar employs the top contractors in the Denver area to install and answer any of your questions. To explore whether tile roofing is the right choice for you, call for a consultation.