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If you own a building, it is inevitable you will need a roofing expert at some point. The roof is a big part of your building and it also takes the most beating. Think about it. All the rain, snow, hail, falling branches, wind blown debris and baking sun hits your roof constantly and never stops. Eventually you will suffer a leak, shrinkage, ponding, blowoffs or any number of common roof problems. When this happens you need a reliable roofing contractor and fast. Mountaintop Roofing & Solar has been providing prompt, quality roofing repair services to the Golden area for over seven years.

Our expert Golden Roofing Contractors are well trained in how to repair any roof type, be it a flat roof or pitched, metal, rubber, asphalt, wood or clay. Regardless of the size of your building, whether it is a residence or a commercial operation, when you need roof repairs, we’ll be there fast and we’ll get the job done quickly. We pride ourselves in having the fastest response times in the area and we always come prepared with the tools we will need so that we can get most repairs done on the first trip. So if you are a business owner losing money because your customers are getting leaked on, or a homeowner who is tired of freezing at night due to poor insulation, call Golden’s most trusted roofing contractor.

Quality Roofers for Golden

If your roof has passed its prime, it may be time to consider replacement options. There are a lot more roofing material options available than there was when your original roof was installed so it is best to consult a qualified Golden roofer like Mountaintop Roofing & Solar. We offer a free consultation and estimate, so we’d be glad to show you the roofing types that you have to choose from. We work with only the finest roofing manufacturers, so we have a wide selection of quality roofing materials to choose from. We can offer installation of asphalt shingles of all types, from standard 3-tab to architectural to custom design. We can also install metal roofing, rubber roofing, wood shingles, tiles and even flat roofing. No matter what your roofing needs may be, we can accommodate.

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Insurance Claim Roof Inspections for Golden Homes

Golden has its fair share of bad storms. When things like hail or heavy snow hit us, our roofs can really suffer. This is one of the reasons there is insurance to cover that, but what a hassle filing insurance claims can be. Not anymore when you call Mountaintop Roofing & Solar. We have specifically designed our inspection process to be thorough and address all the concerns insurance companies have. That is how we’ve been able to develop relationships with insurance companies and now we are their preferred inspection service. Because we are so familiar with the requirements, our Golden Roof Inspection will make the claims process a breeze. So when you need a storm damage inspection, call on Mountaintop Roofing & Solar.