Commercial Roofing Services from Your Denver Roofing Experts

Your roof is an extremely important aspect of your commercial building. The roof provides protection to inhabitants and property from the elements. The point is your home or business simply cannot function without a roof. At Mountaintop Roofing & Solar, roofing has been our business for many years. We have proudly provided quality Denver Roofing Services since 2007.

Mountaintop Roofing & Solar can help your single office building, several apartment buildings, or large corporate buildings. We handle both emergency roof repairs or full roofing replacements.

Since 2007, our locally owned business has helped a variety of commercial and industrial buildings with their year-round needs, including churches, schools, warehouses, and municipal buildings.

Maintenance is Key

Maintenance to your commercial roof will help shield heat penetration and harmful UV rays. It will obviously stop costly leaks as well. A neglected commercial roof can result in rust damage and will get worse over the years. We will consult directly with you, the customer to ensure your needs are met and we remain on time and on budget through the completion of your commercial project.

Types of Roof Coatings

Commercial roof coatings are a time-tested way to extend the life of a building’s roof. Protecting your roof with one of these roof coating products is simply good business. However, not all commercial roof coatings are the same. Which roof coating product is the best choice for your commercial building? Here is a summary of what we can provide.

Acrylic Roof Coating: A water-based solution, acrylic roof coatings are cost effective, easy to work with, highly reflective and do a nice job of fending off the sun’s destructive ultraviolet rays. However, these products do have distinctive weaknesses. They are prone to thinning as they become more weathered, and they do not handle ponding water well.

Polyurethane Roof Coating: Effective polyurethane roof coating systems will consist of two layers. The first is a relatively inexpensive aromatic coating that makes a great base layer but shouldn’t stand alone because it isn’t UV stable. The second layer is a more expensive aliphatic coating that is UV stable, holds color well and resists dirt better than most other roof coatings. When applied properly, polyurethane roof coating systems are durable enough to handle traffic, more likely to stay clean and better able to cope with a little ponding water than acrylics.

Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene Coating: Styrene-ethylene butylene styrene may be used in everything from sports mouth guards to handlebar grips, but its name is more than a mouthful, so when it’s used to top commercial roofing, it is referred to as SEBS roof coating. While this type of roof coating can be utilized on a variety of surfaces, adheres well, resists UV rays and handles ponding water without flinching, it does require regular care to maintain its solar reflectance. This additional maintenance adds to the overall cost of the roof coating application.

Silicone Roof Coating: The powerful, summer Colorado sun can do big damage to your commercial rooftop, so it’s hard to beat a silicone roof coating. Undeterred by the sun’s bright beams, it also thrives in humidity, shrugs off ponding water, and weathers well without getting hard or brittle. What’s the downside to silicone roof coating? These coatings do get dirty, but the rain acts as a cleanser. Silicone can also be tough for other products to adhere to, so if you decide to recoat your roof again in the future, you’ll need to remove the first coating or apply a compatible silicone.

Commercial Flat Roof Repair

Mountaintop Roofing & Solar installs high-quality roof coating products designed to solve all commercial flat roof problems. Because a flat roof has only a slight pitch (it is not completely "flat", but close), it is prone to certain problems related to that flatness. Regardless of the common set of problems flat roofs are prone to, many building owners opt for a flat roof because of the various benefits they offer, which offset the drawbacks.

Commercial building owners choose flat roofs for a number of reasons. Flat roofs cost less than many other roofing types. This is an attractive feature for any budget-conscious building owner or manager. A flat roof also provides seemingly an ‘extra floor’ of usable space where storage facilities, HVAC systems and more can be easily placed and accessed.

Because of their easier accessibility, flat roofs also make roof inspections and repairs easier. A flat roof further simplifies tasks like cleaning gutters and installing and servicing solar panels and other equipment. With all of these benefits, however, flat roofs also have their drawbacks.

If you need a commercial roof repair, improvement or new construction, we’ve got you covered. Don’t trust your business to anyone other than Denver’s number one roofing inspection specialists; Mountaintop Roofing & Solar.

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