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Your building’s roof is of vital importance, not just to the overall design of your exterior but also to its inhabitants. The roof represents the perfect marriage between utility and form, as it is one of the largest aspects of your exterior décor yet it also holds the most important function of all of your exterior elements. When your roof springs a leak or becomes overrun by black mold, you need a quality Broomfield Roofing Contractor you can rely on. Mountaintop Roofing & Solar is here to help. We’ve proudly served the Broomfield area for over seven years with top notch roofing services. Nobody knows roofs like we do and that is evident in our expert workmanship, speed and efficiency. When you need a roof repair or other service, we get there fast and get the job done quickly. We keep our work area clean and always recognize safety first. We are true professionals and that is why we are the number one choice in Broomfield for roofing contractor.

At Mountaintop Roofing & Solar we do our best to offer the most comprehensive list of roofing services possible to Broomfield businesses and homes. We handle every aspect of your roof from installation, maintenance, repair and inspection as well as gutters. Any way that we can ensure you have an energy efficient, sturdy roof over your head, then that is what we do. Call on Mountaintop Roofing & Solar for all of your roofing needs.

Broomfield Roofers Get the Job Done

Our skilled roofers have experience and training installing all kinds of roofs. Roofing materials are an important choice for building owners wanting a new or replacement roof. There are many types to choose from nowadays. The type of roof you choose will determine energy efficiency, level of protection against elements and the amount of future maintenance you can expect. At Mountaintop Roofing & Solar, we work with the finest manufacturers of quality roofing so we have a wide variety to offer. We can install metal roofing, rubber roofing, flat roofing, slate tiles, clay tiles, asphalt shingles, rubber shingles, and any other type of roof you can imagine. Whether you have a small home or a large commercial operation, we can do it all. We are a full service roofing company, which means even if you decide on large, heavy slate tiles that require extra roof reinforcement, we can build those too. When you are ready to explore your roofing options, give us a call.

Detailed Roof Inspections in Broomfield

There are several good reasons to have a roof inspection done on your roof. For starters, it is a good idea to know the state of your roof so that you can determine more accurately the amount of serviceable years left on it, or if replacement would be more beneficial. Another good reason to have a roof inspection conducted is if you are buying or selling a home. As the buyer, it is important you know that you aren’t purchasing any serious repairs along with the house, and as a seller you should know whether there is any damage that could depreciate the value of your home.

Broomfield residents commonly call for roof inspections after a storm for insurance claim purposes. The claims process can seem intimidating and complicated, but Mountaintop Roofing & Solar is there to make it simple. We have worked with insurance companies for years and know exactly what they want from an inspection and from the claims process. We can help walk you through it all as well as provide you with a detailed Broomfield Roofing Inspection of your roof’s current condition and all damage sustained. Our inspections are some of the most thorough in the industry, so you can rest assured your insurance company won’t have any questions when we are done. If you need a storm damage inspection, be sure to call Mountaintop Roofing & Solar.